Perfect Corn on the Cob

Summer grilling season is coming to a close but there's still time to find some super fresh corn on the cob from our local farms (Duda - Appleseeds).  Prices this year have been between $4-$6 per dozen ears but we're going to give you 3 simple steps to make it taste like you paid a lot more!

Roasted Corn on the Cob

Step 1 - Roast your corn, don't boil it

Roasting your fresh ears of corn in the husk not only helps it retain moisture but it keeps from boiling the flavor away.  Set your oven or heat your grill to 350 F and put your ears on for 12-15 minutes.  No waiting for a watched pot to boil.

Step 2 - Cool for 7 minutes

After roasting at 350 F for 12-15 minutes, give your ears a few minutes to cool.  Once they're cool enough to handle, watch how the husks peel away with ease. This makes roasting in the husk a no brainer for me - I hate how difficult it is to get corn clean before boiling it.

Step 3 - Butter & Salt to Taste

Everything is better with butter. Watch it melt into your roasted ears and add salt liberally. At least that's my approach.  Want to add an extra dimension of flavor?  Use a compound butter like roasted garlic butter or herb butter.

Next week we'll give you Chef Teddy's recipe for his "soon to be famous" Roasted Garlic Butter.  You won't wanna miss it!  Until then, like us on Facebook and let us know how perfect your corn is.