Tuesday Night Supper Club (Birthday Celebration)

Another Tuesday has come and gone and another Tuesday Night Supper Club is in the books.  This week was a special treat.  We weren't necessarily trying a new menu item or prepping for an upcoming event.

This Tuesday we were celebrating Chef Teddy's birthday!

And what better way to celebrate than having him cook for us?  The menu was all his choice this week.  And he made some excellent choices if I do say so myself.

One thing that Chef Teddy likes to do is send me pics of the food before it's cooked - just to prove the ingredients we use are fresh and never frozen.  This week was no different. Check out the lobsters on Monday...

Fresh Lobster

So what do you think would go well with fresh lobster?  I'm guessing just about anything...but we got lobster halves with roasted corn on the cob (smothered with roasted garlic butter) and a dijon potato salad that rivaled any potato salad I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

The best part was the presentation - take an 8 foot picnic table, cover it with a disposable table cloth and just put everything right down on it with some tongs to get what you want.

Finished Lobster with Corn & Potatoes

There you have it - happy birthday Chef Teddy!  I feel like the Supper Club got the best gift?