Tuesday Night Supper Club

One of the things we absolutely love doing at Clean Slate Catering is serving great food. And there seems to be only one sure fire way to make sure the food you are serving is amazing...try it!  

So Tuesday Night Supper Club was born - a group of friends gather together around the table to taste test our chef's new creations.  It's a great excuse to spend time together talking about life, the future of the business and anything else that might be on our minds.

Tonight's selection was a trial run on an entree that will be served at an upcoming event and a dessert that was dreamed up a few nights ago by Chef Teddy Smith.

I won't bore you with the conversation of the evening but I will tell you a little about what we got to taste...

Korean Glazed Short Ribs

These were the Korean Glazed Short Ribs with sticky rice, pickled vegetables and garlic scented corn.  The ribs fell off the bone, could be cut with just a fork and had a smoky flavor from finishing them over charcoal.

A few dashes of orange zest over the rice pulled the Korean spices together.  And the corn melted in your mouth.

Mango Sour Cream Sherbet

And this was a Mango Sour Cream Sherbet - it was topped with shaved dark chocolate, mint from the garden and had some mango compote and fresh raspberries to go along with it all on top of a homemade shortbread cookie.

I don't think I've ever tasted something so light and fresh.  This one will definitely become a future menu item.

If you have some ideas of your own, let us know and we would love to try them along with you!